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WOW this is a great issue! (Of course you could argue otherwise and may just print it out the line the budgies cage!)

In this issue

I have an interview with ROBERTO DILLON the creator of a book called Golden Age of Video Games: The Birth of a Multi billion Dollar Industry. I know this isn’t strictly just Commodore related but more a retro look at the whole industry. The interview I am sure you will find shows how passionate Roberto is about the industry and also how he still loves and is impressed with Commodore; and the uses we are putting our machines to.

The Next Issue of Commodore Free will have a review of the book. Sorry you have to wait as that should give me enough time to read it from cover to cover and make something loosely called a review (of sorts).

What I can tell you at the moment is; it’s a concise and easy read about Computing history with a more balanced approach than some other computer history books, who seem to miss out the relevance of Commodore altogether. The book does have some information about the internal politics of Commodore and........

Ahhh well for more you need to read the next issue to find out more.

We have a Couple of games reviews; most notable of these is the very long over due and much anticipated release of “Prince of Persia” or POP as some people call it. After years of being put to rest the game has been coded from the apple disassembly by Mr SID, Does it stand the test of time and is it any good? All these questions are answered in my review, a temptation is to give the game a 10/10 However I sawed from this temptation and scored the game with my gut feelings, although it is long awaited and very good I don’t feel it worthy of a 10 score.

Also is a game called OUT SPACE, this has now been finished after the project was started some years ago and put on hold, the code has been revamped and updated to finish the game for general release. I can tell you if you are a Jeff Minter fan then this is a game you need to play, as its on the same wavelength and Jeff’s efforts.

Mix all this with some news

Chuck the whole thing into a PDF creator and we end up with something people call a fanzine

Enjoy and feel free to send comments

Nigel (EDITOR)
And the Commodore free team


Theatre of War II: The Pacific for the VIC20

Name: Theatre of War II: The Pacific
Author: Ghislain
Released: November 5, 2011
Requirements: Unexpanded VIC-20 + Disk Drive.

Description: In the sequel to the first WW2 Tactical Strategy game that takes place on the Eastern Front in Russia, this time you are transported to the Pacific Ocean where you command the Imperial Japanese Navy against the American forces.

The preamble states: "June 1942. Our Grand Imperial Navy is chasing the Yankee interlopers across the Pacific Ocean. We will attack a fatal blow at Midway and then hunt them into their havens". If you can defeat the the enemy through five levels of increasing difficulty, you will have achieved the ultimate victory.

There is also a two-player option. Instructions are included in the game program from the main menu.



Amiga It's a Knockout! 2011/12

It's a Knockout! a classic Amiga knock-out tournament run by the forum members of Lemon Amiga and English Amiga Board. Returning for a 3rd time. Five games will be played over seven weeks. Score high and knock out your opponents.

Voting for the comp Starts Now (November 13th) and will remain open for two weeks. Once voting is closed competition will begin!! Voting:

Lemon Amiga:


The first round of competition will be a qualifying round. The following rounds will be run in a round-robin format until only 2 competitors remain! The final two will battle it out to be the "It's a Knockout! 2011/12" Champion.

Voting will be limited to games played during the 2011 Lemon vs EAB Super Comp.

which are...

How do I take part?

Easy. Firstly get yourself either a real Amiga or an emulator like WinUAE or E-UAE. The current round thread will tell you which game to play, give links to where it's available, link to manuals (if they are online), and tell you any extra rules for that game. To enter take a screenshot of your highscore (or a photo of your TV/monitor screen if you're using a real Amiga) and post it in the game thread. You can use free image hosting sites like Imageshack or Photobucket to post your scores.

All competitors must be a member at either Lemon or EAB, so if you're not already, it's time to join!

Plus/4 Gets a SID Chip

Sounds from C64 are now available for the Plus/4!

Plug the card into the expansion port and you are ready to go. You can adjust the volume on the card and you can hear the sound over the plus/4 or take the output from a 3,5mm-Stereo-jack.

More pictures are available from here

Handle: Solder
First Name: Christian
Last Name: S.

Chameleon Special From AmigaKit

Chameleon is a new re-configurable computer system with many third-party cores in development such as Amiga (Minimig) and C64. The Spectrum core was demonstrated at the Replay Expo 2011 show by Individual Computers. The Latest accessory offers include discounted CDTV Remote Controller for use with the Chameleon.

For more information about the exciting Chameleon product, please visit:



Europe: Amiga Computer Store

Chameleon is a new re-configurable computer system.

The device can be used as a miniature stand-alone computer system running many third-party cores

Alternatively it can be plugged into the rear expansion port of the C64. When installed in the rear of the Commodore 64, The Chameleon is an extremely user-friendly cartridge that can be used without opening the computer.

As a stand-alone unit it feature a SD card slot on the side to read data files, a VGA socket to output to a monitor display and a cable loom to connect to a PS/2 keyboard and mouse. It can be powered by a USB power adapter or active USB hub can be used as power source (available separately). Even a USB-enabled computer (LCD-TVs, DVD-players...) can be used as a power source!

The Chameleon can be used with the CDTV Remote Controller which can be added as an Accessory Option

Technical Data Summary

Slide Released for the Commodore 64

A Sliding numbers game for the Commodore 64 has been released for more information and the download visit here:

Out Space Released

TMR wrote

This game was originally written during the 1990s but never released - an almost final version with a revised difficulty curve and other tweaks was previewed at Replay 2011 on the Oldschool Gaming stand and this is the final release version.

Game created by Jason Tinkler

Reviewed later in this issue of Commodore Free

Commodore eBook Now Available

-----Original message----------------
Subject: Commodore eBook now available
From: bbagnall

A new eBook version of Commodore: a Company on the Edge is now available. Kindle and iPod users (who download the Kindle app) can enjoy the book immediately without any inconvenient shipping charges. Excerpts from the book are free to read online at the websites below:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon France:

Read the story of Commodore in print.

P1565 Project Updated

Commodore 1565 floppy

Stefan Egger wrote

The project P1565 has been given an update. The Goal of the project is to create a replica of the Prototype-floppy Commodore 1565 for the C65.




main page computer collection Vienna

English version:


More updates and other projects are coming. There is also a poster design and card game as finished projects. P1565 and the next project Should be cool, so stay tuned for more "want-to-have"-items from computer collection Vienna

Stefan Egger
Computer Collection Vienna

Retrogaming Times Monthly #90 Released

A new version of the magazine Retro Gaming times has been released here are a list of contents

CBM Command Updated

What is it?

CBM-Command is a disk manager for the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore VIC-20, Commodore Plus/4, and Commodore Pet/CBM computers. It is written in the vein of Norton Commander or Midnight Commander; but, it is much simpler due to the target platforms. Each Commodore model has its own native version of the application.

What does it do?

It works on both real machines and the VICE emulators.

So far, we have tested it with the following hardware:

Additional testing has been performed under VICE, using the following file systems:


New features are:

CrossCrabTris 1.0 Released

KeHo Software has released a logic game for the Amiga. The game was created by Achim Kern, and is programmed in the Hollywood language. The game is a cross between a crossword puzzle, Scrabble and Tetris. The game is available for MorphOS (ppc), AmigaOS4, AmigaOS3 and AROS

Jack 2.4 Now Available

Jack is a multi (jack of all trades) application for the Amiga OS)

Download/Installation instructions:

* Existing Users - Simply start your current version of Jack as normal and when prompted click the confirmation button to proceed with the download**. Open the Installation Drawer and click on the Install Jack icon - after that simply select the location where you already have Jack installed and the installation is complete.

** Once Jack has left OS4Depot's Upload queue.

* New Users - Visit OS4Depot and type Jack in the search box. Installation is simple, just press the Install Jack icon and select a location where you would like Jack to be installed. Jack will now appear on your Dockbar.


Users can enjoy Jack on their Workbench all the time if they wish, simply press F6 inside Jack's Commodity Window and select WBStartup - alternatively open up your system disk and select the Prefs drawer. Next click the Add button, find and double-click Jack and then save.

Jack has the follow features:

and more...

Extensive Collection of Commodore Related Videos

Robert wrote:

The above video, Bernardo talks the MCC-216 at Amiwest 2011, has been uploaded to YouTube also. Go to Under YouTube's 15-minute limit,

Yes! The last 2 videos have been uploaded; they are:

Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group

CBM PRG Studio Version 1.6.0 Released

This version allows you to target the Commodore 128 machine. The only major limitation being the screen designer (and some other minor tools) are not available for C128 projects at the moment. A huge thanks to Tony Schiffbauer who helped with getting the C128 support off the ground!

Note: C64PrgGen and VIC20PrgGen are no longer being developed; they have been replaced by CBM prg Studio.

What Is It?

CBM prg Studio allows you to type a BASIC or machine code program in using a nice Windows environment and convert it to a '.prg' file which you can run on an emulator, or even real hardware if you're feeling brave and have the right kit.

The following machines can be developed for:

What CBM prg Studio isn't is a front-end for tok64, cbmcnvrt, bastext or any other tokeniser/ detokeniser/ assembler. It's all been written completely from scratch.

Komoda 5 Magazine Released

PDF Magazine released


Komek of Komoda Team
Ramos of FanCA, HVSC Crew, Samar Productions
Uka of Genesis Project, Komoda Team
Raf of HVSC Crew, Scene World Magazine, Vulture Design

USB Joystick Adapter

Markus Gritsch has developed a USB joystick adapter. The adapter enables the use of an analogue joystick with your favourite emulator. Markus has used a PIC micro controller and a few components on a experimental circuit board. He tested his adapter with the VICE emulator on his laptop and the famous Competition Pro Retro joystick. The schematic and the firmware are available to download.

this small adapter connects a vintage joystick to a modern computer via USB. to play C64 games under emulation

Bill Herd Launches Commodore 128 Website

Recently launched is a Commodore 128 website by the legend that is Bill herd, the site contains videos and a forum and lots of information not just on the 128 but Commodore science and technology in general .

AmigaOS 4.1 Update 4

From Hyperion Entertainment Blog

Just a quick note to say the development and testing teams are working on AmigaOS 4.1 Update 4 right now.

Several issues identified in Update 3 and earlier are being addressed thanks to direct customer feedback via Hyperion's support forum. A huge thanks to all those that have taken the time to register and post your bug reports! AmigaOS can only get better with direct customer feedback so keep it coming.

Along with the usual assortment of bug fixes, there may well be a surprise or two as well.

Steven Solie

AmigaOS Development Team Lead

Mini SD 1541 Drive

Rik Magers made his own version of the Commodore 1541 disk drive. He started with a uIEC from Jim Brain Designs. The uIEC has JiffyDOS and the ability to store up to 32GB. Rik got hold of a small plastic box that looks similar to a real 1541. After cutting, tweaking and several tubes of glue, he had a mini version of the 1541 including working LEDs on the front

Cinnamon Writer Updated

Cinnamon Writer is the compact and efficient word processor developed especially with Amiga and Amiga-like systems in mind. With version 0.60 Cinnamon writer has all of the basic functionality expected of a modern word processor. This includes changeable layout style, support ant aliased truetype fonts, infinite "intelligent" Undo/Redo history, user defined page setup and file compatibility with other word processors as Word and OpenOffice that can use RTF or DocX files.

Cinnamon Writer 0.75 - Claus Deslers has improved his Cinnamon Writer for AmigaOS 4. Cinnamon Writer is a compact and efficient word processor. In this version: Compatible with MS Word docx files. New layout options. Changes to the GUI. The most recent version can be downloaded from the web page of Claus

Interview With Roberto Dillon

By Commodore Free

Q. Please introduce yourself to our readers

Hi! My name is Roberto Dillon, I was born in Genoa, Italy, just one year after Pong; and I have been a gamer since a very tender age. After finishing my studies with a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and having worked as a software engineer for a while, I moved to Singapore at the beginning of 2005 where I finally got involved in game development and related activities at a professional level. I also wrote two books, "On the Way to Fun: an emotion based approach to successful game design" and "The Golden Age of Video Games: the birth of a multi-billion dollar industry" published by AKPeters and CRC Press.

Q. What do you do for a day job?

I'm currently the Game Design Department Chair at the Singapore campus of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, where I teach subjects like Game History and Game Mechanics for the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. After all the teaching and department management work, I'm also collaborating with a Singapore based company named Kentaura as Chief Game Designer. If you think all this keeps me quite busy, well, you are definitely right!

Q. How were you introduced to computers?

I remember it quite well: it was an evening during summer 1981: I was 8 and, with my parents, we were invited for dinner by one of my father's colleagues who just got a TI99/4A from the US. He kindly showed us how it worked and played some demos, using also a plotter. I was so fascinated by it I stored those abstract images printed in grayscale tones on a small roll of paper for years.

Q. What was the first game you played?

It was a Home Pong clone, specifically a ColorMate De Luxe: an obscure console made by an even more obscure manufacturer (Boyang Electronics). It seems very few people remember it by today. I really wonder how we got it...

Q. What was your first Commodore machine and do you still own it?

It was a C64. Alas, it broke many years ago: needless to say, the day I tried to switch it on and nothing happened, was very, very sad. On the other hand, this unlucky event helped in convincing my parents to buy an Amiga 500! The Amiga was later sold during my sophomore year in university to buy a PC. Shame on me!!

Q. Do you still own any “retro” computers?

Yes but, surprisingly for a "Commodorian" like me, I currently don't own any Commodore machines (yet!) but one of its competitors: the Sinclair ZX-Spectrum. Somehow I always found the Speccy to be a very "cute" machine (compared to the "awesomeness" of the C64) and I always wanted to experience Ultimate early masterpieces as they were meant to be.

Q. Would you like